Working together, opportunities happen —

Certificate Program

East Bay PEN’s Certificate Program, designed to help under-employed and unemployed professionals assess their skills and new career path; consisting of 4 Core Workshops, each segues to the next, as confidence builders and tools to compete in today’s tough markets.


Success Stories

“I attended the East Bay PEN overview with very low expectations; however, I was very pleasantly surprised to find it both informative and engaging…”
— K. Natske

“I really appreciate your suggestions…the time with you (sic) East Bay PEN was the high point of the job fair…”
— Steven Ledford, Sr.


Friends | Guest Speakers

Our Guest Speakers, experts in their field, provide new perspectives and trends in the job market; these experts volunteer their time and knowledge to our members with humor and professionalism. We are not, and will not, act as mental health providers; however, we do provide peer-to-peer support and sanctuary for sharing without being judged.



Sponsored by Oakland Private Industry Council


To offer members a nurturing setting, peer-to-peer support, and the self-assurance necessary for exploring new employment opportunities.


We provide the unemployed or under-employed professional with the confidence, skills, and ability to communicate the benefits they provide to meet a hiring manager’s needs.


To collaboratively connect culturally diverse professionals with the tools necessary to become effective job seekers and highlighting the value they proffer the new hiring manager.